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4 Uses For Mobile Command Centers

Posted by MSV Content Team on Nov 2, 2017 2:05:00 PM
MSV Content Team

Mobile command centers are becoming very popular with police departments because they provide flexibility without compromising the quality of the unit. These centers generally have at least four workstations, a meeting room, a kitchen/refresh area and a washroom, in addition to a number of different wireless communication options. Once the centers are up and running, they can be used for a variety of different purposes, depending on the department’s needs at that point in time.

1. Large Gatherings
Whenever a major public events takes place, the police department is put under all kinds of pressure. These events can turn dangerous very quickly and, therefore, it is important that the police have some sort of video surveillance in busy sections of the city. A mobile command center allows officers to have surveillance available in more parts of town, allowing them to respond to problems at a much faster pace.

2. Poor Weather
When extreme weather becomes as much of a problem as the external issue with which the police are dealing, a mobile command center provides shelter. This gives officers a location in which to do their jobs without having to work in the elements. Storms and extreme cold are particularly dangerous to officers, so having a warm, safe place to get out of the elements makes any operation much easier.

3. Portable Lab
Serious crimes require a great deal of care, as officers would not want their evidence to be compromised as it is transported across town. By turning a mobile command center into a crime lab, however, police departments can bring the lab to the scene of the crime and examine the evidence there. While this is not necessary in many situations, it is nice to know that the option exists when particularly large or important evidence is found.

4. Bomb Scares
Anytime a potential bomb is found, the situation must be handled with the utmost care. Members of the bomb squad should also have the ability to communicate with each other clearly, so that they do not run into misunderstandings. A mobile command center can act as a hub for wireless video between members of the bomb unit, which ensures that they can communicate flawlessly with interoperability radio systems throughout this entire process.

Interoperability allows each department to talk to each other Fire, Police, FBI etc, a hard lesson learned at 911 the mobile command serves as a hub that combines all the different radio frequencies so they all can talk across communications frequencies.

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