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How to Choose a Mobile Medical Vehicle

Posted by MSV Content Team on Nov 14, 2017 6:03:00 PM
MSV Content Team


It’s important to make the right decision when purchasing new mobile medical units. The wrong vehicle could cause discomfort for the people you’re transporting—or worse. Ask the right questions before you spend: What needs do you want to meet when transporting clients or patients? Does the vehicle comply with legal standards and regulations? “Really never are they used for a transport, sometimes they may have a couple of the providers riding to the site for the day but never a patient” How will the new unit affect your business? Medical professionals are constantly busy, and finding the right unit can be time consuming. So where should you turn?

Customize Your Unit
Working with Mobile Specialty Vehicles to create your perfect mobile medical unit is a great place to start. Vehicles are manufactured to your needs, so you know that you’ll get exactly what you want. Whether you’re transporting clients in a mobile medical van or providing community medical support in a semi-sized vehicle, knowing that you’ve entrusted your patients’ safety to a company with over thirty years of experience will give you the peace of mind needed to continue providing quality medical service to your community.

Include Innovative Technology
MSV keeps abreast of current mobile technologies and regulations, so your custom vehicle is sure to meet all of the most current regulatory standards. But you expect that of your medical mobile units, don’t you? You might not have considered also including the latest in medical technology. MSV’s units stand out because they include hospital-grade hepa filtering, electromagnetic locking doors, and one-piece fiberglass interior walls that help ensure easy sterilization of every surface. You can even request installation of the latest record-keeping technologies to keep your company up to date.

Guarantee Your Patients’ Safety
When MSV looked at the current state of mobile medical unit manufacturing, we were dismayed to find that the selection available to medical professionals didn’t meet the industry’s needs. Along with our already innovative line of units, we’ve decided to introduce the new Lone Star commercial motor coach. Each coach is developed around a specific floor plan, allowing us to include safety support strategically throughout the entire manufacturing process and wire looms built with future expansion in mind as the shell is being built. Mobile Specialty Vehicles is excited to bring the Lone Star coach to the medical industry, where safety and innovation are uniquely important to serve our community.

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