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Mobile Command Centers

Posted by MSV Content Team on Oct 4, 2017 1:34:00 PM
MSV Content Team

What Is A Mobile Command Center?

Simply put, a mobile command center (MCC) is a specialty vehicle which is equipped to perform a wide variety of different functions.

MCCs may be custom-built to suit a particular organization’s precise needs, or they may be converted trucks, buses, vans, SUVs, RVs or trailers.

MCCs are commonly thought of as being deployed as communications hubs in disaster response or crowd-control situations, but in fact they serve numerous different industry sectors in many different ways.

Industries That Use Mobile Command Centers

In recent years, MCCs have been used by such diverse organizations as the military, police and fire services, SWAT teams, education, and healthcare; as well as by the oil, gas, nuclear and unmanned aircraft (drone) industries, among others.

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What Mobile Command Centers Can Do

Police Fire and Military Uses

Police, Fire and Military organizations across the US now use MCCs for a variety of purposes, including:

  • natural disaster response
  • terrorist incidents
  • missing person searches
  • public safety and crowd control
  • remote surveillance
  • scene of crime investigations  
  • enforcement of DUI laws

In the event of a major fire or other disaster, involving a multi-vehicle or aircraft response and perhaps hundreds of first responders, the communication and coordination capabilities of an MCC are essential to the achievement of the best possible outcome.

MCCs can be equipped with mast-mounted cameras, closed-circuit TV and video equipment, thermal imaging and infrared cameras for the comprehensive surveillance of an area. Telephone, satellite and wireless internet communication facilities are also commonly available.

Depending on the size of the vehicle, MCCs can also be fitted with a number of workstations, conference rooms, bathrooms and kitchen facilities. They can be designed and constructed to provide operatives with reasonable comfort and shelter in all kinds of external weather conditions, and are large enough to allow storage of all necessary gear including hazmat protective equipment.

Suitably equipped MCCs may also be used as forensic laboratories to avoid the need to transport bulky, fragile and sensitive evidence away from a crime scene.

In the event of a suspected or developing terrorist attack, an MCC may be used as a base for bomb-disposal specialists and firearms teams, while providing live video and radio communications for officers on the ground.

MCCS are also invaluable for occasions which attract large crowds, such as sporting events, concerts, festivals or rallies and demonstrations. The use of video surveillance, linked by a wireless communication system and one or more MCCs, is vital in enabling the monitoring of a large city area and the rapid deployment of operatives to emerging trouble spots.

Suitably positioned and perhaps disguised, fully equipped MCCs can also be used for longer surveillance operations which may last for weeks or even months.

MCCs in the Energy Industries

Successful, cost-effective oil and gas exploration in remote, difficult-to-access locations requires highly specialized but flexible satellite and wireless communications equipment which only a properly equipped MCC can provide.

MCCs can also be used for the rapid deployment of personnel to areas at risk of radiation from nuclear installations, giving them instant mobile communication capabilities and minimizing the risks to their health and safety.

Healthcare and Education Applications

In the healthcare field, MCCs have been used successfully for the coordination of health and education outreach projects and the provision of mobile clinics for the diagnosis and treatment of HIV/AIDS, eye conditions such as cataracts and glaucoma, auditory health and epidemics such as ebola. MCCs can also be equipped for mammography, blood pressure testing and transfusions.

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